SAST Stockholm autumn meeting 2020-10-01

Theme: "Shift Happens - Learn new way of thinking and make a difference in the future organizations"

The program will be published after summer when we once again confirm with the Speakers.


Meeting sponsors


Bonnier Conference Center
Torsgatan 21, STOCKHOLM


Registration is closed now! Will be open in September.
You who have signed up for March 19th will have your place booked for October 1st 2020.

Responsible for the meeting

Parisa Andersson at (meeting project manager & responsible for speakers/local matter)
Jekaterina Arsalani at (meeting manager & responsible for speakers matter)
Ülker Kaymakci at ulker @ (responsible for evaluation of meeting)
Ylva Ocklind at (responsible for participants matter
Rickard Ridderstrom at (speaker responsible)
Jörgen Damberg at (responsible for speakers matter)
Michael Albrecht at (sponsor manager)
Gun Ström Hagenfeldt - gun at (responsible for registration)

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